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frequently asked questions

Not sure if you have beveled or convex shears? Not sure why convex shears are more expensive to sharpen? This video will answer those questions.


What if I can't give up my tools?

Butler Blades has 3 "Loaner Kits" available for our customers. We understand that it's hard to give up your tools for sharpening and still be able to continue working. Loaner kits are available to groomers on a first come, first serve basis. They all include a straight, curved, and thinning shear, as well as an assortment of 20 different size clipper blades.  There is no rental fee to use one of the kits. One of our loaner kits is pictured on the right. Reserve yours today!

(Loaner kits are not available to Mail Order clients). 


How long do you need to keep my tools?

Large orders (at least 20 clipper blades or at least 5 pair of shears) will need at least 2 days. We can often do a 1 day turnaround on small orders.

Why should I use you instead of a Mobile Sharpener?

We understand that having your tools sharpened on site can be a convenience. We choose not to sharpen tools on site for a couple of reasons:

We're not in your way or your customers' way


Having a vehicle large enough for all our equipment would take up a lot of room in your parking lot for several hours. Sharpening is a messy business also. If we were to bring equipment inside your shop instead of working in your parking lot, we would make a mess, create sparks, and make noises that are likely to scare the animals.                                                                                                                                Even if your sharpener is doing the work on site, you still have to give up your tools to be worked on for whatever amount of time that will take. We hope that by using our loaner kits, it means you don't have to stop working at all.

We thoroughly wash your blades


You know how cleaning the dirt, hair, and dander out of your blades is the last thing you have time for as a busy groomer? We do that for you in our workshop. Every order gets soaked, scrubbed, and dried before being reassembled. If we were on site and hurrying to get out of your way or to our next job, we wouldn't have the time or space to provide this service. We often have customers say their blades work twice as well just because they're clean.